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Industrial and Shop Roasters

IMF modern compact commercial roasters are the best that current technology can provide in the coffee roasting industry. They can roast tons of coffee batch after batch and still give even consistency, regardless of whether it’s the first or last batch of the day thanks to unique VORTEX and EQUALIZER system. The touch-screen PLC can automatically control every stage of the roasting process with the touch of a finger.
These roasters use a specially designed combustion chamber that simultaneously heats the roaster & treats the emissions. This technology saves at least 30 per cent in gas consumption compared to traditional machines with separate afterburner.

Roasters: Features


RM 6

IMF shop roasters RM6 are ideal for cafes & boutique roasteries, especially where space is limited & you want to lower emissions.


RM 15

Gain a little more capacity with the IMF shop roasters RM15 with a similar footprint and technology to the RM5.   You'll still love the cleaner roasting and lower gas consumption on the RM15.

Roasters: Features
Roasters: Features
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